10 Routines that You Wish It Can Be Automated



Sometimes we just wish life can get easier. That’s why people is creating all sort of advanced technology and stuff. However, as a normal human being there are things we have to do it frequently, or maybe even daily. Unless you are a millionaire where you can hire people to do things for you. Here are 10 Routines You Wish It you do everyday Can Be Automated.

Scan and Delete unwanted messages on your mailbox.

Spam messages are really annoying sometimes. I bet most of us experienced it everyday. When we open our Google Mail or Yahoo Mail there will be tons of spamming from Facebook, Twitter, promotions and much more. Imagine if there’s 100 unread messages on your mailbox daily?

Driving when heavy traffic.

Driving when heavy traffic especially after working hours is really tiring. It can be more headache if you are driving a manual automotive. That’s why people love to take Uber these day. It would be the best if your car can drive automatically though.

Laundry Service

Maybe nowadays there are few home delivery laundry services out there but it might eat your pocket budget. Sometimes you just wish you can have a device that can throw your clothes in the hamper and they get wash and folded and put in your drawers. Sometimes you even leave them around the house and this device will pick them up.

House Cleaning.

As same as laundry, house cleaning is really tiring. The bigger your family, the bigger the mess. The bigger your house, the bigger space you need to clean up. The best way is to hire people to do it for you.

Preparing Breakfast during Weekdays.

It’s weekdays. You have to get up early for school or work. Especially when you need to rush early to avoid traffic jammed. If you have a housewife maybe your wife will prepare it for you. For those who are single, believe me it would be really nice if the moment you woke up, your breakfast already has been prepared on the table.

Washing Dishes.

So you throw a party at your apartment with friends gathering around. At the end of that day your sink is full of dirty dishes. That’s really bothersome. Of course, to avoid this you can probably buy a dishwasher. But still you have to rinse off the excess crumbs, put it in the right area, put in some dish detergent, then close it and press wash. Some more not all dishes can be washed in a dish washer though.


Are you a hairy type? For those who are, they will understand especially men. It would be much more easier if you just step onto a something, press any button then the machine will do it for you. People are getting lazy nowadays and it would be really awkward for men to do hair removal.

Record Your Monthly Expenses.

Back to the business. For those who are planning to save money and avoid taxes recording your monthly expenses is really important. Sometimes I just wish a can have a person who can collect all my expense receipts, do the paperwork and submit to your tax adviser at the end of the year. If would be the best, if we can have an apps to scan every receipt you have and walla! you got your monthly expenses report.

Hibernate Your PC and Phone storage.

If you just bought a personal computer or new iPhone 7 you probably won’t face any of this problem. But you are having the same computer over 5 years this problem might occur. Your Local disk C is always full! And you have download an apps for cleaning your logs and caches. If you don’t, then your computer will start lagging and sometimes even restart in the middle of you finishing your task. Of course you can add a schedule for your computer to be clean up but still you have to wait for it every single time. Buy a new computer and phone might solve this problem.

Finish up Your Job.

Last but not least, it’s all about finish up your task. Sometimes we just wish that we can have a double to settling up our work. There’s no easy way in life unless you can pay for it. For those who are capable of out-sourcing their job is actually a good start to make life easier. Thus, make money for you at the same time.

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10 Routines that You Wish It Can Be Automated

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