How to Create Sitemap for Blogger Blog? Easy Steps

Create Sitemap Blogger Blogspot


Here are few Easy Steps on How to Create Sitemap on Blogger. But first of all, what is Sitemap? Is it really important to register Sitemap for your blog?

Sitemap is  a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. Imagine if you’re walking around the new place and looking for a coffee shop, of course you will need a map to help you looking for the place right? So, with Sitemap, it will make your blog easier to search by users and search engine in the Internet.

Make a Sitemap for Blogger Blog

  • Visit Sitemap Generator and key in your Blog’s url such as
  • Click on “Generate Sitemap” and copy the whole text in the clipboard.
Sitemap Generator
Copy the whole text in Clipboard.
  • Login to your www.Blogger/, go to dashboard Blogger/Blogspot, tap the Setting in menu and click at the Search preferences.
  • Enable the Custom robots.txt, paste the text in clipboard and Save Changes.

Well done! Now the Search engines will automatically discover your XML sitemap files via the robots.txt file.

  • Back to the Setting in menu and click at the Other.
  • On the Site feed, Add the Sitemap Url in Post Feed Redirect URL.
Site Feed Sample
Add your Sitemap URL in the space column.
  • The Sitemap URL will be generated on earlier Clipboard such as
  • Once you done added in on your Post Feed Redirect URL, click on the Save settings to proceed.
  • Visit Google Webmasters Tools at or go back to Setting in menu, tap on Search preferences, on the Google Search Console you click Edit button, likely you will be directed to Google Webmasters Tools.
  • If you haven’t create an account, create one and register your Blog by clicking at the ADD A SITE. If you already register your Blog, it will looks like this.
Google Webmaster Tools
Register your blog on Google Webmasters Tools.
  • On your Webmasters dashboard, tap on the Crawl menu and click on the Sitemaps section.
  • Now click at the ADD/TEST SITEMAP button and insert “atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500” then Submit your Sitemaps.

We are done adding your Sitemaps in Google Search Console!

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How to Create Sitemap for Blogger Blog? Easy Steps

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