Ghost in the Shell (2017) Review: One of the Best Anime Live-Action Film Ever Made!

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“Everyone around me, they feel connected to something. Connected to something, I’m not.” – Major Mira.

Ghost in the Shell (2017) is an American Sci-Fiction film directed by Rupert Sanders and written by Jamie Moss. The film is an adaptation from an old Anime series, The Ghost in the Shell by Masamune Shirow. The main character (Major Mira Killian / Motoko Kusanagi) is played by Scarlett Johansson. No doubt, Scarlett is splendid in the movie and most of time you will watch Scarlett on the screen.

*The rating will be based on few aspects such as the storyline, script, cinematography, message of the story, character development, and metascore.


In the near future, the vast majority of humans are augmented with cybernetics, enhancing various traits like vision, strength, and intelligence. Hanka Robotics, the world’s leading developer of augmentative technology, establishes a secret project to develop a mechanical body, or “shell”, that can integrate a human brain rather than an AI. A young woman named Mira Killian (Scarlett Johansson), the sole survivor of a cyberterrorist attack, is chosen as the test subject after her body is apparently destroyed beyond repair. Over the objections of her designer, Dr. Ouelet (Juliette Binoche), Hanka CEO Cutter (Peter Ferdinando) decides to train Killian as a counter-terrorism operative.

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The movie takes place in futuristic Tokyo-like city. You can see a lot of big hologram advertisement on buildings, robotic costume, gadgets, cars and of course, enhanced human. The cinematography and CGI of this film is absolutely amazing, solely entertained by the setting visual graphics. I can say this film is one of the best anime live-action ever made despite some few flaws.

As for the fighting scene, most of it is shooting scene. Not much of thrilling action scene can be seen in the film besides the last final battle. You can tell that this film is more on showing off their CGI. Maybe if they can put a little spice in the fighting scene, the film will turn out even better.

The story is all about Mira Killian. From a young lady who chosen as the test subject, jump to a year later after she become the rank of Major in the anti-terrorist bureau Section 9, working alongside with Batou (Pilou Asbæk) and Togusa / Han (Chin Han) under Chief Daisuke Aramaki (Takeshi Kitano) until she finds out the truth about the syndicate happened in the film and herself. It is kinda predictable even for me who don’t follow real Japanese animated series and the anime film, Ghost in the Shell Arise.

For the character development, I think it was quite good. The film succeed in term of introducing Mira Killian or Motoko Kusanagi, Batou and Aramaki on the big screen eventhough 80% of the film focusing on the character of Mira. How about the villain though? I guess most of you already know who is the villain is. Honestly, pretty disappointed on how they make the villain character but Kuze, the hacker or cyberterrorist is pretty good.

The message of the story is deep and one of them is no matter who you are in the past, your path of life is what you do now. Human is special, no matter how enhanced they are, human is still human. So, what do you think about the film? You may drop a comment below and state your rating.


The film is pretty amazing! *8 out of 10*

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Review by Fans

As a massive fan of the original films as well as stand alone complex. This film disappointed me. It tried to be clever but just constantly comes off as too simple and too self explanatory. The changes made make it into a pretty simple and generic story. It wasn’t a bad film nor was it as terrible as some other adaptations are but it certainly was disappointing for a GITS fan. It’s a 6 at best. Maybe a 6.5 for the visuals which were the best thing about this movie.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”lightning” wrap=”i”] Jay_Nadiah

The cinematography its truly remarkable, it somehow reproduce the atmosphere of the original anime, the decaying, depressing, dark megalopolis is correctly reproduced here (despite the giant weird advertisements that are spread around, that doesn’t really make any sense, and didn’t appear in the anime, what are they trying to sell?), the costumes, robots, and the general look and feel of the characters are quite satisfying and solid. The music is not bad at all, includes some of the original score and it work towards creating a dense and dark environment. The acting is standard, not bad at all. The script is…. ohhh boy, let me breath… to use nice words, the script seems to be written addressed to children or to very ‘slow’ people.

All the rich complexity, all the mature and philosophical themes, all the sides of the story that the original material let out to be imagined by the viewer, all that is gone here. Here you can find a bland, generic script, that explain a generic origin story, that never tries to get into the philosophical or ethical implications of human body enhancements or AI. Where the characters are one-sided, good vs bad people. We are use to that over-simplification of a movie plot, since we sadly live in a world conquered by the ‘marvel’/’batman’ method of making a movie, where the plot should be simple and thin, the characters shouldn’t have any grays and the action should be convoluted and confusing, full of minions to destroy for the sake of fill 100 minutes (well at least this adaptation has correct action scenes, that are easy to follow and most of the time are not annoying).

To wrap up, a correct movie, that shines in the visual and action sides, but has a forgettable script and characters. It will probably perform good in the box office, and that worries me because what could come next, it will be really sad to see how they reduce Akira, Jin-roh, Evangelion or Cowboy bebbop to a generic action blockbuster without any of the things that made those stories great. 5/10

[wp-svg-icons icon=”lightning” wrap=”i”] Dmanchon from iMDb

Great visual but the story is too simple. Too much of silent moments. Overall, I think it’s 6/10.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”lightning” wrap=”i”] Ren Suzugamori

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Ghost in the Shell (2017) Review: One of the Best Anime Live-Action Film Ever Made!

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