Latest Pokémon GO Spawning Nests in Malaysia [4th Migration]



Hello guys, so I came across the make this post for all the Pokémon GO players in Malaysia to know the latest spawning nests for the Pokémon that you guys want to catch.

As we were known, Niantic has changed the spawning nests or we usually called migration for there was a set list of Pokémon that would change to a different set list of Pokémon in a specific areas.

Niantic Changed The Nests for the Third time.
Niantic Changed The Nests for the Third time.

Here are the list of the latest Pokemon GO spawning nests in Malaysia for 20th October Update.

Check it out at:


Pikachu Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Pikachu in Pokémon GO

For those who is a fan this Pokémon you can now catch it at KLCC Park.

It usually spawn in the park area, near the fountain and sometimes behind the Mosque.

Since the latest Migration of spawning nests, you can easily found Pikachu there.







Charmander Nest in Malaysia
Charmander in Pokémon GO

Charmander nests used to be at Dataran Merdeka but in the latest migration update, its nest currently transfered to Laman Seri Business Park Shah Alam.

Charmander nests also can be found at Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie.

I believed this Pokémon usually spawn at the shoplots area. Goodluck hunting!





Abra Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Abra in Pokémon GO

This Pokémon can be considered as one of the most easiest Pokémon to flee from getting caught.

You can now find Abra at Dataran Merdeka. I believed Abra nest is switched with the previous Charmander nest.







Shellder Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Shellder in Pokémon GO

This water Pokémon used to be found at Karpal Singh Drive, Penang. In the latest migration, a lot of players found this Pokémon at SS2 park near MBPJ stalls.

However, some of the players claimed it was cluster since it’s spawning rate is not all the time.




Onix Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Onix in Pokémon GO

Onix may not be the strongest Pokémon in Pokémon GO yet, but with the Second Generation update you may probably want to collect as much as its candies if possible.

Onix can now be found at Stadium Shah Alam and Ara Damansara Park.





Machop Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Machop in Pokémon GO

Are you looking for Marchamp? Well the best way to get it is to evolve  it from Machoke.

Here is the latest migration for Machop,  Lake Garden Shah Alam, Shah Alam Extreme Park, Perdana Botanical Garden and Kota Kemuning Park. Credit goes to Andy Chee.




Voltorb & Magnemite

Voltorb & Magnemite Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Voltorb & Magnemite in Pokémon GO

If you are looking for evolving these two Electric type Pokémon, you can now find it at Jalan Tempua Puchong housing area. Credit to Patrick Teng for founding the nest. For Voltorb, you can also found it at Marina Island, Credit to Haikal Hamdan. Magnemite also can be found at Dataran Pahlawan and Jonker Street, Malacca. Credit goes to Khairul.

Both of these Pokémon also can be found at Puteri Harbour, Johor. Along from Harbour Cafe to Puteri Harbour Theme Park.


Cubone Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Cubone in Pokémon GO

If you usually go to 1 Utama, you may find this Pokémon at the Central Park where Cubone nests now has replaced the previous Gastly nests.

Credit goes to Gabriel Stephens.





Electabuzz Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Electabuzz in Pokémon GO

Electabuzz can be considered as one of the most strongest Electric type Pokémon for the First Generation.

For the new migration, Electabuzz can now be found at USJ11 Park. Near the near The Undone Gazebo Pokestop, Jalan USJ11/1D. Credit goes to Teoh Hooi Beng and Muhd Nauful for the update.





Jynx Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Jynx in Pokémon GO

This Ice and Psychic type Pokémon can be found at Morib Beach as one of our informer said sat there around the beach and managed to capture more than 11 Jynx. There’s cluster at Bandar Sri Damansara Golf Club Parking Area.

Jynx nests also can be found at Taman Tasik Jalan Ampang Hilir.

Credit goes to Kay Yi Wong, Andy Chee and Shahril Akmar.





Clefairy Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Clefairy in Pokémon GO

Clefairy can be evolve into Clefable where as we were known Fairy type move is Super Effective against Dragon type Pokémon especially if you want fight againts Dragonite at the local gym.

Clefairy can be found at Section 5, Petaling Jaya around the new Raju’s Curry House and Lorong Tok Sira, Kuantan.

Credit goes to Adam Lim.




Magikarp Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Magikarp in Pokémon GO

If you planning to have Gyarados, catching a lot of Magikarp can be one of the best way to get it especially when you need a high IV’s Gyarados.

Magikarp nests can found in a lot of places and mostly near any beaches or lakes.

Here are few nests that trainers can enjoy catching and walking around, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and Gurney Drive Center to Gurney Plaza, Penang.




Jigglypuff Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Jigglypuff in Pokémon GO

If you are planning to evolve Jigglypuff into Wigglytuff, you can start looking for it now.

This cute Pokémon can be found at Kelana Jaya Park the previous Omanyte nests.

Credit goes to Terry.






Dratini Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Dratini in Pokémon GO

Dratini is one of the most rare basic Pokémon in the 1st Gen. For those who wants to have Dragonite, catching Dratini is a must.

Here is some info we got from trainers around Malaysia where they usually encounter this Pokémon.

Dratini can be found at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Taman Kiara TTDI, and River Area at Jonker Walk Malacca.

We are currently still looking for a better Dratini nests for trainers in Malaysia to hunt.

Credit goes to Khairul.


Exeggcute Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Exeggcute in Pokémon GO

Exeggcute can be evolve into Exeggutor, and it can be considered as one of the most strongest Grass type Pokémon in the game.

As our informer said, if you are looking for this Grass type Pokémon, Exeggcute can be caught a lot at KLCC Park, enough for you to evolve into Exeggutor.

If you are lucky enough, you may also found Exeggutor there!

Credit goes to Gan De Ming.


Seel Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Seel in Pokémon GO

Seel is one of the rarest Water-type Pokémon in the game.

If you planning to have a Dewgong in your PokéDex, evolving Seel is one of the best way!

Seel nests can be found at KLGCC, Laman Seri Business Park. Seel also frequently spawn at Puteri Harbour, Johor. Along from Harbour Cafe to Puteri Harbour Theme Park.




Omanyte Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Omanyte in Pokémon GO

This fossil Pokémon can be really hard to find in the game, evolving it into Omastar is nearly impossible if you only caught few of this guy.

From the latest info, Omanyte nests can be found at Dataran Petaling Jaya (Behind A&W).





Growlithe Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Growlithe in Pokémon GO

Growlithe is one of my favorite Fire-type Pokémon in the game especially when it evolved into Lion-like Pokémon, Arcanine.

However, the problem with Arcanine is getting the best moveset. It took me 3 times to evolve Growlithe into Arcanine that has Fire Blast for its Charge skill.

Growlithe nests can found at Shah Alam Mosque.





Drowzee Nest in Pokémon GO Malaysia
Drowzee in Pokémon GO

Drowzee can be evolve into Hypno.

This Pyschic-type Pokémon can easily found at United State region, however it can be quite rare to be found in Malaysia.

Drowzee nests can be found at Royal Selangor Golf Club. It also frequently spawn at Puteri Harbour, Johor (Near Magnum Sport Cafe).




Huge Thanks & Keep Updating!

If you found any nests for any Pokémon that hasn’t update it, please leave it at the Comment Section below and we will added into the list with your credited name. Also huge thanks to Pokémon GO [Malaysia] Community for sharing the latest nests update!

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  1. Jynx will on and off at Bandar Sri Damansara golf club car park.
    Machop nest at Perdana Botanical Garden KL.
    Jigglypuff nest at Kelana Jaya Lake.

  2. You can find a lot Voltorb & Magnemite in Penang town area , within 2 day traffic jam I manage to capture at least 20 of them .

  3. Besides, Magnemite and Vortorb, Jynx and Slowbro spawn area Dataran Pahlawan Melaka. Dratini nest can be found nearby jonker walk ir specifically river area.

  4. Jigglypuffs are found at Kelana jaya park. Previously was omanyte best but now become jiggly puff nest.

    1. Thank you PokeHunter, is this for the current Scyther nests? because the post you are commenting is for the 4th Migration. You can refer to the 5th Migration on the early of this post.

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Latest Pokémon GO Spawning Nests in Malaysia [4th Migration]

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