Niantic Shut Down Fly GPS Joystick on Latest Update


Today on 31th October 2016, Niantic once again took an action in shutting down the third-party apps that related to Pokemon GO and this time, Fly GPS. On the latest update of version 5.0.0 Fly GPS created by Samboking seems like the developer has taking down the spoofing joystick for Pokemon GO.

Fly GPS Review After Taking Down Joystick
Fly GPS Review After Taking Down Joystick.

The apps which have at least 5 millions downloads from all around the world now getting backlash on their review, many was unhappy about it. There’s must be a reason why the joystick was removed from the app, most likely due to Niantic anti-spoofing reason. Before this, Niantic has shut down any third-party tracking apps by changing their captcha.

Niantic says that any accounts that continued use of unauthorized services may result in bans in the future. So, if you decide to use any third-party apps to play the game, be careful. So far, there’s still don’t have any apps that can work as well as Fly GPS for Pokemon GO.

It is a good news for true players and bad news for spoofers. Many genuine players of the game really suggest it is the best to block any third-party apps so that the game stays for real players. Whatever it is the game is getting decline each month and people starts to question whether the hottest game of the game can last at least until end of this year.

Apa Komen Anda?

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  1. Some folk stay in urban and rural area would like to play Pokemon but If Pokemon take down 3rd party apps if is for sure the number of player might be tremendous decline.. some folk might have deficulty walking eg. Handicapped which unable to walk but we cant expect them to walk. We can consider Flygps maybe set some restriction eg. Play in the same country limit. That pretty good idea. So call win win situation.

    1. Don’t be stupid Mjij. Using fly gps is not the way to go. It gives a huge disadvantage to people who are playing legit; those who are physically exerting themselves in order to catch pokemon and become stronger.
      This game is not meant to be played lying or sitting down. If you are handicapped or cannot walk, then this game is not for you.
      I’m sure that you enjoy using Fly gps because your a lazy shit.

      1. That’s judgemental and ableistic! So you’re saying, then, that handicapped people don’t deserve to play Pokemon Go? Such a simple mind.
        They’re as good as the rest of us dipshit. Lay off!

  2. I’m disabled. Sometimes that makes the game difficult. Same goes for cooking for and not being able to drive. It’s unfortunate if your disability prevents you from playing the game. Maybe pick up a Nintendo DS to resolve? Cheating isn’t an appropriate answer, IMHO.

  3. Your all a bunch of trolls. I’m a pok’e go player and I know some handicap people that has played as long as I have really enjoyed the game their accounts was either banned or now they have few methods left to actually play these players were spending money buying incubators balls storage upgrades eggs list goes on any player knows that this isn’t cheap.. why would a company not accommodate to these players? Instead they get banned or left with very few options to play. Yeah cheating is cheating but if they make money off of people and treat them like shit why would anyone want to be a part of it?!

  4. The game isn’t fair with or with out fly gps. How’s it fair when you can be in some areas with hundreds and hundreds of stops and gyms and a tracking system i.e. San Francisco and other places have no where near the same. The spawns are better and everything. If it’s to be a equal or fair playing field make it so. Equal spawns, gyms, and stops for everyone.

  5. This is great for those who live in large cities. However, as a rural player who used this to simply walk around a nearby city at normal speed – this sucks. No, I didn’t teleport around to find maxed dragonites; hell, I had nothing above 2,000 CP. I guess if Niantic don’t make spawns fair across all areas, I can’t even play. I want to go out walking and play this properly, but until they let me, things like this are my only option.

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Niantic Shut Down Fly GPS Joystick on Latest Update

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