How to Overcome Your Low-Self Esteem Personality?



Low-self esteem can be quite a problem especially for those who are studying, working and living in this competitive world. They usually experiencing fear and anxiety, believing that everything is wrong about themselves. Normally, everyone has fear and always thinking that they are incompetence when come to certain things in life. I believe, most of our readers today are experiencing this problem and here are few tips to overcome your low-esteem personality.


Know Your Own Fear

Take a paper and list down all the things that you are afraid about when it comes to your daily routine. For example, you are a salesperson, however you are so afraid of approaching your customer or you are a student and always having problems on understanding what your lecturer is teaching but never got the guts to ask him/her by any chance. After you have your own list, now it will be more easier for you to know what is the cause of your low-self esteem personality.


Share Your Fear with Your Close One

Choose a close person to talk with. If you are comfortable on sharing your thoughts with your parents, partner or friends, do so. Make sure the person you with is a positive person because all you need is to become more positive. Ask them about yourself, absorb all the positive things they said. They may not all be right but if they give you a good advice, accept it an open heart.


Conquer Your Own Fear

This is the crucial part to overcome your low-self esteem personality. It takes time and courage to do it. I used to have a problem like you where I was quite a chicken when it comes to share my idea with my boss on the project we are working on. The only thing I need to do is just talk but it become so hard when it comes to boss. So, what I did is personally go to my boss room and share my fear to him, finally he said to me, “no worries, I won’t eat you up. The only reason I hired you is to do expand the success of the company, if you have an idea about it, I will be glad to hear about it.”. Since that day, I become more confident, even though it takes few months to overcome the fear but I glad I did now.


Believe in Yourself

You are afraid of something because you believed so. Before you go to bed, have a peace in mind and think about all the possibility that you can accomplish if you can overcome your low-self esteem personality. Dream about what you want to become. Do it in a time. Let’s say tomorrow you want to improve yourself in dealing with you customer on your phone, so tonight think about how would your script will be like. Think about the best script you can create in your imagination. You need to trust yourself before anybody else did. Love and embrace yourself because you only live once in a lifetime.


Improve Yourself

Look yourself in the mirror. Is this what you want in you? All the confident personality comes when you’re confident about yourself. Do some make over, make yourself good looking and happy. You can see that, most of the positive person is more likely more energetic than others. It is because they are so confident about their personality that makes them different.


Conclusion – Take Action

Everyone can imagine, think and daydreaming about all things I just said but the only matter that differentiate between success and failure is action. A lot of people says that it was impossible for me to start a blog and make it a living these days but without determination and action, I won’t be here today writing this post. So, you have known your fear and how to overcome it, the last thing to do is take action. Do it before it’s too late. Don’t worry, if you fail today, doesn’t mean you will fail forever.


Thank you for reading the post and I really hope that you can be a better person than yesterday in time. Share me your thoughts in the comment section below. Last but not least, I believed in you that you can make changes and overcome your low-self esteem personality. Let’s fight it together.

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How to Overcome Your Low-Self Esteem Personality?

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