Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review: What You Need To Know

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Note 7, Review, What You Need to Know


Introducing Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the smartphone that thinks big. For Samsung fans I bet you guys can’t wait to buy this new smartphone. So, here is What You Need To Know about Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Designed to Curve

Galaxy Note7 is the first Note with a dual-curved screen that meets a curved back. Glass on the front and metal on the back bend in together to create a seamless, flush surface all around. It’s the first Note to be perfectly symmetrical, top to bottom, side to side, and front to back.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 dual-curved screen that meets a curved back.

On the security part, Galaxy Note 7 introduces an iris scanner. Not to mention, fingerprint sensor also in the features within the front home button, like the S7, S7 edge and Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Note 7, Iris Scanner, features
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with Iris Scanner features.

Because the back curves with fidelity, it says you will feels just right whether you’re picking it up from a flat surface, or using the new S Pen which also offer maximum space for the S Pen, while delivering the full advantages of a functional edge screen.

Always On Display

You may choose to have third-party app or calendar event notifications. Besides that, you could also set a custom signature or pin a Screen-off memo to the Always On Display and able to change the clock’s color and style to your liking.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Note 7, Screen off, memo, display
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Screen-off Memo display.

This is one of the advantage from Galaxy Note7 where you don’t have waking up the phone to get the information.

Internal & External Storage

Galaxy Note7 provides 64GB of basic internal memory but if you need more storage than that, Galaxy Note7 has expandable storage that supports a microSD card up to 256GB. So, you may have storage up to 320GB in total. Besides that, Galaxy Note7 also has Dual-SIM features, all you need is a switch of the cards in the hybrid SIM tray. And without having to turn off your phone. However, availability may be vary by countries.

Bigger Battery with Fast Charging

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Battery, 3,500 mAh, life spent,
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with 3,500 mAh Battery.

In the previous Note, the battery consists of 2,915 mAh but with Galaxy Note7, the battery is improved to 3,500 mAh. More work and more play requires more power right? That’s why bigger battery will be needed.

Build with Water Resistance

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Note 7, Water Resistant
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with Water Resistant.

Just like Samsung S7, the Galaxy Note7 is water and dust resistant. But this time, they didn’t just seal all the ports from the inside, they also succeeded in making the S Pen water resistant. Being certified IP68, the Galaxy Note7 can withstand dust, dirt and sand, as well as stay 1.5 meters underwater for up to 30 minutes. Awesome!

Faster and More Adept Processor

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Performance, CPU, Processor
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Best Performance Processor with 4GB Ram.

Galaxy Note7 introduces several upgrades on board from a faster and more adept processor to a better GPU, Snapdragon 820 (U.S. Models),
Exynos 8890 Octa (International Models) as well as 4GB of RAM. Well, I don’t think the phone will be having a lagging issue with these.

Camera Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Camera, Fast AF, Shoot, Photo
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with Fast AF Camera shots.

The Galaxy Note7 camera works with 12MP Dual Pixel Sensor coordinates with a brighter F1.7 lens and larger 1.4µm pixels to take photos whether it’s day or night, fast or slow. Galaxy Note7 also has 4K video so you’re able play your videos on the much bigger computer or TV screen without any compromise in image quality.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Note 7, Focus, Features, high
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with High Focus Features.

Galaxy Note7 is known with powerful focusing when it comes to its camera. You may use Selective Focus mode to try out the focus on the foreground and background and find that truly perfect shot.

Variety of Accessories

Beautiful and versatile casing such S View Standing Cover, LED View Cover, Clean View Cover, Leather Cover, Lens Cover and Keyboard Cover.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Accessories, S View Standing Cover, Cover, Phone
Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Accessories, S View Standing Cover.

Last but not least the New S Pen with great improvements that made this stylus even more responsive and water resistant so user can enjoy far more accurate, worry-free strokes.

For the Pricing of Samsung Galaxy Note7 is around ‎$900 USD / 820 Euro. You may also visit your nearest Samsung store for more information about the price because the price will be different in vary of countries.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review: What You Need To Know

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