Sony PlayStation®4 Pro Get Your 4K Resolution Now!

sony playstation 4 pro


Sony PlayStation®4
has once again make a new appearance on the market with its Pro version. What is the new Pro version does? Is it really worth for the change if you already have a Sony PlayStation®4 before?

If you are a gamers which appreciate high definition graphic, then you may considering upgrade your current console to Sony PlayStation®4 Pro.

4x The Resolution of Current Models

No doubt, the Pro version really looking great on the screen. By stating that the console could supports 4K, Ultra High-Definition, with 4 times better resolution compared to the current models.

Moreover, Sony PlayStation®4 Pro also deliver a brighter colors with High Dynamic Range gameplay on the screen. With wider the color gamut and higher the contrast level, the graphic on screen will look more detailed and stunning.

However, not every games will deliver the same visual boost, though.

Game Availability

Yes, this is a very important factor among all. The upgrade will be meaningless if it doesn’t supports many top-hit games.

According to Sony, Pro software patches will be available for 30 games from today, with 45 games making the cut by the end of the year.

At the same time, each update will improve its game on its own. For example, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will get improved textures, while Gran Turismo Sport will get HDR support. Not to mention, Hitman and Ratchet & Clank will also get resolution boosts.

Some of the top-hit games are waiting for releasing the Pro updates, such as Battlefield 1 and FIFA 17. The games also have not been reveal on what they will look like after the upgrade.



The price for the console on Malaysia market will be at RM1,799 with Package includes: PlayStation®4 Pro System (1TB) without camera, DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller, Mono Headset, AC Power Cord, HDMI Cable, and USB cable.

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Sony PlayStation®4 Pro Get Your 4K Resolution Now!

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