Tips on How to Grow Your Youtube Channel, View and Subscribers!

Tips, How to, Grow, Youtube Channel, View, Subscribers



Many people wants to start to make extra money from Youtube but don’t know how to gain more views, subscribers and grow the channel. Here are some useful tips for you to grow and start making money from your Youtube channel.

Create an Attractive Thumbnail

Attractive Youtube Thumbnails
Attractive Youtube Thumbnails

Have you ever notice a  thumbnail of the video lead you to watch the video in Youtube? Yes, that is what Attractive Thumbnail. After you upload your video on Youtube, make sure you customize your thumbnail as good as you can. It is basically like an advertisement. However a good thumbnail must pair with a great title as well, so here is the second tips.

Write a Good Marketing Title

Creative, Good, Youtube Title, JinnyboyTV
Creative and Good Youtube Title from JinnyboyTV.

Here are some creative and good Youtube video title from JinnyboyTV. The first thing people will see is the thumbnail then they will read the title of the video. If you have a good marketing title, i’m sure people will pay a visit to your video. Make sure your title is clear and transparent about the summarize of your video. Never put a misleading title, this will make you lose more subscribers in the end.

Start A Blog about Your Channel

If your channel is about fitness and health, start to write a blog about your niche. Once you have a blog, things can be more easier for you to get view on your videos. You may put your Youtube videos into your blog with the right content. You can always start blogging with Blogger/Blogspot. It is free and easy to monetize.

Use Your Social Media Platform

Embed Youtube to Facebook
Sample for Embedding your Youtube video into Facebook.

I will suggest you to share your video in Facebook because Facebook has a great features for embedding Youtube videos. You can create a Facebook Page/Group for your channel to gain more views and followers. The bigger your audience, the bigger you can get views. You can also share your videos on Google Plus and Twitter. Make sure you don’t sharing your new videos on Social Media, also your private account. You may tag to your friends as well if your video is beneficial. Please avoid tagging all the time. Choose the right time and right content to tag your friends.

Create A Subscribe Button on Your Video

Create, Subscribe Button, Youtube Channel
Create a Subscribe Button on your Youtube Channel.

This is one of the features given by Youtube,  a Subscribe button. How to create it? First, go to your Creator Studio, on your Youtube dashboard menu, tap on CHANNEL, and click on the Branding. Now, upload your profile photo that less than 1MB of size. Set the pop-up timing to Entire video. With this, your viewers would not miss your Subscription button while they are watching your video.

Or you can also manually create a footage on the start or end of your video to ask your viewers to Subscribe your channel. Even TheEllenShow use to method to gain more Subscribers.

Upload A lots of Great Videos

Be patient and persistent! Some people are just lucky to get his/her video one hit wonder. But as a normal people, never count of one video. Unless you’re a big name celebrity which one of your music video can get view like 10 million in a week. I suggestion is keep uploading good content video until you can maintain earning more than $100 a month. It is not easy for starting but if got the passion and consistency, I believe your channel can grow bigger and bigger in time. Never stop trying!

If you just starting out, never be ashamed of introduce your channel to the people nearby. Because in Youtube, it’s all about community. Never miss to reply a comment from viewers. Keep on up to date with them. Okay, i guess this is for today. If you guys haven’t create an Youtube channel, you may pay a visit on my previous post on How to Create a Youtube Channel – Easy Guide. In that post, I also mentioned on how to Enable Monetization and more.

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Tips on How to Grow Your Youtube Channel, View and Subscribers!

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