Vainglory: New Hero Gwen Guide, Tips, and Spotlight



In the latest update of Vainglory version 1.23, the game added a new sniper hero, Gwen to the Halcyon Fold. In this post, you will read on several guide, tips and spotlight for Gwen shared by some of hardcore Vainglory players in our team but first let’s take a look at the Hero Ability.

Hero Ability


Gwen Boomstick (Heroic Perk)

After not attacking for 1.6 seconds, Gwen’s next basic attack deals 30-115 + (50% bonus weapon power) additional damage.

Attack speed reduces the time before this empowered attack becomes available.





Buckshot Bonanza (First Ability)
Buckshot Bonanza (First Ability)

Gwen blasts enemies in the target direction, damaging all targets in a cone. Enemies hit by this ability are slowed and revealed for 2 seconds.






Skedaddle (Second Ability)

When activated, Gwen instantly removes negative effects from herself and blocks further effects for a short time. Additionally, she gains a temporary burst of bonus move speed.

Passive: Gwen gains bonus move speed. This effect is disabled for a few seconds upon taking damage from an enemy hero, but it is otherwise permanent.




Aces High (Ultimate)
Aces High (Ultimate)

Gwen pulls an ace from up her sleeve and flings it in the target direction.

The card deals damage to everything it passes through.

The ace impacts and stuns the first enemy hero in its path.




Item Build

Since Gwen’s Bookstick allows her next basic attack deals 30-115 + (50% bonus weapon power) additional damage, Gwen is the recommended to build with Heavy Weapon Item. Here are the list of Weapon Item recommended for Gwen.

Sorrowblade Vainglory
Serpent Mask Vainglory
Serpent Mask
Tornado Trigger Vainglory
Tornado Trigger
Tyrants Monocle Vainglory
Tyrants Monocle







For Utility item, Gwen is always recommended to use Halcyon Chargers for faster movement and Energy Recharge since Gwen will be a little bit of energy consumable. The last item usually will be Defense item depends on how the game goes and what enemy you’re facing.

Halcyon Chargers Vainglory
Halcyon Chargers
Crucible Vainglory
Aegis Vainglory
Metal Jacket Vainglory
Metal Jacket











Tips to Play

Gwen is ranged attack base Hero, so it is the best to play her on Lane. Plus, with her Buckshot Bonanza, you can easily farm Gwen with a lot of loots since the ability allows her to damage all targets in a cone.

Her second ability Skedaddle allows her to instantly removes negative effects and blocks further effects for a short time, thus gaining her bonus in move speed. This allow her to run away from any stunt especially when you are playing her, most of the enemy heroes will try to kill you first. With Halcyon Chargers, you can dash her as quick as possible to be on the safe land.

Watch the hero spotlight prepared by Vainglory.


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Vainglory: New Hero Gwen Guide, Tips, and Spotlight

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